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Rock Bands heart Marching Bands: 3 Videos

Band geeks? Okay. Call 'em what you will, but when was the last time YOU performed with rock stars?


Check out these three band-tastic videos!

1. The only time I can support my college arch-rivals Notre Dame? When their band performed in OKGO's video, "This Too Shall Pass."
(it would've been way better if OKGO'd invited the BC Eagles...but whatever)

2. My parents played Fleetwood Mac (on 8-track, no less!) to help me fall asleep when I was 4 or 5. No way I would've snoozed to this version of "Don't Stop," featuring the USC Trojan marching band.
(poor video quality, but the sound is GREAT)

3. And oh, two great bands that go great together: The Boston College Screaming Eagles Marching Band performing "Shipping Up to Boston" with the Dropkick Murphys. I only wish I'd still been in school for this performance...

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Alma Mater Anger

So, I'm supposed to be blogging about TOTAL TRAGEDY (I received a copy of the final book today, and my, it is so pretty!), but my blood is boiling.


Because my undergraduate alma mater is not sending the school's marching band to play during the bowl game we are in the day after Christmas. Our nationally-televised bowl game. There's an article about it here.

See, marching band is really, really important to me. For a whole host of reasons. Here are a few:

- When my family moved me cross country in the middle of the school year during junior high, playing an instrument helped me make new friends. And those friends encouraged me to join the marching band my freshman year in high school.

- And when we moved between my freshman and sophomore years in high school, marching band gave me a common ground at my next new school. And hey--that's how I made new friends (who are friends to this day, BTW).

- I chose where I went to college because BC had a marching band (no lie!)

- I met my husband in college--in marching band.

- I made lifelong friends in band

- I learned to take risks, developed self-confidence and discipline, learned the value of teamwork, became a leader, and was part of something larger than myself because of the band.

And do you know what the reward is for hundreds of hours of practice, sweating or freezing in polyester uniforms that are sinfully ugly, putting up with stupid "this one time, at band camp" jokes, standing for the duration of football games in pouring, sheeting, icy-cold- so-thick-you-can't-see-through-it rain is?

Travel. Traveling to bowl games, tournaments, or away games. We didn't go to every out of state game, but we were assured of going to one away football game and to bowl games. THAT'S the reward. Bands support and cheer for athletes when others go home, don't come out, or leave early. They do their best to get the crowd into the game, boost the team's spirit, and show pride in their school. Band kids do it because they love the music, sure, but they love the sports, too. The camaraderie. They don't love the uniforms, that's for sure!

Travel is the payback for all of that. Especially at a Division I school with a big endowment and a well-supported athletics program.


I just spent the past hour composing an email to the Director of Athletics, and I cc'ed the band director and the college's paper. And I'm STILL fired up.

It's not good to be this angry before you go to bed.

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• MOXIE AND THE ART OF RULE BREAKING (Dial 2013) was highlighted in the Atlantic Wire's Summer Reading Roundup!

• TOTAL TRAGEDY was named to the master list of Massachusetts Children's Book Awards 2013-2014

• New book alert! MOXIE AND THE ART OF RULE BREAKING will be in stores July 11 2013

• NOTES FROM AN ACCIDENTAL BAND GEEK is out in paperback! And it's on the Texas Lone Star List!

• TOTAL TRAGEDY has been named to the Texas Lone Star list as well as Kansas' KNEA Reading Circle catalog (with a starred recommendation)

• TOTAL TRAGEDY is out in paperback! Ask for it at a bookstore near you.

• TOTAL TRAGEDY has gone into its third printing! Thanks to everyone who bought it!

• MODELS has gone into its fifth printing! Thank you!!

• Have you seen the TT trailer? Go here & check it out:

• Disney's Family Fun Magazine and Girl's Life mag both loved TT! Check out the reviews in their February issues!

• I've signed stock recently at the following stores:
- Barnes & Noble, Framingham, MA

• Booklist says, "Some sisterly bonding, the sweet flutterings of a first romance, and a creatively contrived comeuppance for the mean girls make [TOTAL TRAGEDY] a cheerful read for younger middle-schoolers."