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Wild Wednesday: More Contest-y Goodness!

 MODELS DON'T EAT CHOCOLATE COOKIES comes out next Thursday! Eek!

And my birthday is the week after! Double eek!

To celebrate, I'm hosting a contest and giving away a Super Cool MODELS prize pack! Yes, you get a giftie on my birthday! Here's what you'll win:

• a signed paperback copy of MODELS
• a CD with the MODELS soundtrack (including two original songs by lj's owngallo_nero )
• chocolate cookies (duh!)
• stickers (who doesn't love stickers!)
• a t-shirt that has to do with my next novel, THE TOTAL TRAGEDY OF A GIRL NAMED HAMLET


Here's how to enter:

• Comment on this post for one entry.

• Earn TWO entries if you link to this contest on your blog. (Just let me know that you've done so by commenting and linking here)
• Earn FOUR entries if you post on your Facebook page as a "note." (again, be sure to let me know)

Anyone and everyone are welcome to enter!

I will draw the winner on my birthday, February 11th! Good luck!

*   *   *   *

Also, don't forget about the Spot the Book Contest--still ongoing! (see last Wednesday's entry for info)

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