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Book love: It's Barbie-rific!!

 Author extraordinaire, Tanya Lee Stone, has done it again! Her latest book is about a pop culture icon that we ALL grew up with. And I "may" be quoted in it, too!

Check it out:

A little bit about the book:

Barbie just might be the most famous doll in the world. She has been played with, studied, celebrated, and vilified for more than fifty years. And she has unquestionably influenced generations of girls-whether that influence has been positive or negative depends on who you ask. When award-winning author Tanya Lee Stone started asking girls, boys, men, and women how they feel about Barbie, the first thing she discovered is how passionate people are about her. The Good, the Bad, and the Barbie is part biography-both of the doll and of her inventor, Ruth Handler-and part exploration of the cultural phenomenon that is Barbie. Filled with personal anecdotes, memories, and opinions from people of all ages, and featuring original color and black and white photographs, this book is for anyone who understands that we're all living in a Barbie world.

What reviewers are saying:

Starred Review from School Library Journal: "...Stone reveals the pathos behind so many relationships of girls with Barbie: those who cherished her and those who were negatively influenced. Was she a destructive role model or just a toy? Experts disagree. In this balanced overview, both sides of the quandary are addressed....The author maintains her signature research style and accessible informational voice..."

Starred Review from Kirkus: "Sibert Medalist Stone tantalizes with her brief and intriguing survey of Barbie. She begins with the history of Mattel, started by self-made businesswoman Ruth Handler in the 1940s, and moves onto materialism, body image, portrayals of ethnicity, nudity, taboo and art. Direct quotes from women and girls showcase the variety of feelings that Barbie engenders, and the author weighs in occasionally and effectively to show that though Barbie is often "just a doll...We have...helped make her the icon-and subject of controversy-that she is.""

Some questions for Tanya:

1. What's your favorite exclamation--ie, Huzzah! Crap! Zoinks!...?

Holy sh*t!
one of my personal faves, too!

2. What's a "classic" author that you couldn't get into/never read but feel you should?

I just can't stand The Catcher in the Rye. I know, I know, what can I say? That Holden Caulfield is a total whiner. I may have just lost some of my best friends over this confession, so I hope you're happy!
Whoa! Yeah, some readers might not speak to you after this one!

3. Favorite ice cream flavor?
Mint chocolate chip, if generic. If Ben & Jerry's: Chubby Hubby or Strawberry Cheesecake, depending on my mood.
We are soul mates--except for the Catcher in the Rye thing...

Not ccnvinced? Here's MORE praise:

"Love Barbie or hate her, what I admire about Tanya's book is that she takes an even eye to Barbie's global phenomenon and delicately lets readers explore their own complicated relationships to this very complicated doll." --Jess Weiner, self-esteem expert and author of Life Doesn't Begin 5 Pounds from Now

"Holy belly buttons! This is no mere Barbie book. This is a how-to manual about being a girl: a strong, sparky, awesome girl, with Barbie in hand *or* Barbie in the nearest Dumpster!" --NYT best-selling author Lauren Myracle

"History writers don't get better than Tanya Lee Stone. The Good, the Bad, and the Barbie is balanced, funny, provocative -- and most of all, important for anyone wanting to understand girlhood in America." --National Book Award finalist E. Lockhart

Buy it:

To purchase book at Indiebound:

To purchase book at amazon: ;

Tanya's website:
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