August 20th, 2006


Sunday Scribblings

A response to this week's Sunday Scribblings prompt, The Inner Life of Pets.

Every Fifteen Minutes

Where's my toy? Where's my toy? Not that one. Under the coffee table? Is that it? I reach, reach reach under there. No, not that one. That's the chew one. Where's my toy? In the kitchen? No, no, no. In my crate? No. Oooh--wait a minute. What's that? What's that? sniff-sniff-sniff-sniffKIBBLE! A SMALL PIECE OF KIBBLE IN MY CRATE!

Kibble's gone. Where's my toy? Where's my toy? On the porch? There's a bug. sniff-sniff A dead one. Chew, chew. Where's my toy? Where's my toy? In the office? YES!! I_shake_my_head_around_swinging_the toy_everywhere. Bring it to Erin-person, bring it to Erin-person. HEY! TUG ON THIS TOY! TUG IT! TUG IT! TUG IT! You're not as strong as me!


I race, race, race down the hall. I WIN I WIN!!
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